How can I be sure Alarm Central, LLC’s services won’t be interrupted by outages and failures?

Alarm Central, LLC is UL-certified, which means we must maintain redundant systems to avoid the effects of failures and outages. We have highly reliable redundancy for all vital equipment to manage power outages, phone outages, and server failure.

Dealers sell many security system formats. Will your central station services be compatible with mine?

Because we strive to stay current with all the technologies involved in our business, Alarm Central, LLC’s services are compatible with every security system format.

What kind of training do Alarm Central, LLC’s employees receive?

All Alarm Central, LLC alarm specialists complete an intensive 30-day training program. We then carefully monitor our alarm specialists on the job to ensure quality. After 90 days, our alarm specialists must pass the CSAA Central Station Online Level 1 course.

What efforts are made to be certain Alarm Central, LLC alarm specialists are trustworthy?

Every Alarm Central, LLC alarm specialist receives a thorough background check. They must also pass a pre-employment drug screening. Today, our staff averages five years of experience, and several have more than 10 years of experience.


Alarm Central, LLC is the partner you can rely on.

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